Reduce food waste and carbon dioxide emissions while enjoying authentic ethnic cuisines at reasonable prices.

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2,200,000 tonnes of food is wasted globally every year, resulting in a loss of up to USD $17,000,000,000.

This harms and pollutes the environment which we live in and depend on. As our contribution to mitigating this problem, we have introduced STEER Redbox - a new offering that battles food waste and offers incredible daily deals. Every 100 customers participating in Redbox help our planet reduce up to 10,480kg of carbon dioxide emissions per month. Join the gourmet community, and let's go green together!

STEER's offering to battle food waste and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Redbox is a new product by STEER Foods that offers discounted rates on surprise boxes of authentic food that are nearing expiry. Through this offering, STEER Foods connects restaurant merchants with customers to work against waste and contribute to reducing carbon footprint. The surprise boxes of authentic ethnic foods provided by participating restaurants are updated daily. Each of the surprise boxes helps reduce up to 3.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions while saving costs. STEER Redbox fully supports the self-pickup process, which is an excellent opportunity to turn potential online customers into loyal store customers during the in-store visit.

We operate in a number of cities including downtown Toronto, North York, Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill and London. At this point, there are 300+ brands collaborating or on the way to collaborating with Redbox, and over 1,100+ customers purchasing Redbox every day within just 30 days of the project launch.

What does Redbox mean
for your Business and Customers?


  • Easily enroll your restaurant or store with our merchant App
  • Flexibly manage your Redbox stock with a click of a button
  • Offer Redbox every day, reduce waste and earn more
  • 24/7 Professional Customer Service


  • Reduce food waste
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions and protect the environment
  • Flexible in preparation
  • Save costs
  • No commission
  • New path to customer acquisition


  • Wide store selection: explore new different tastes every day
  • Self-pickup: low-carbon and environmentally friendly
  • Daily Update: different box contents with every order


  • Enjoy authentic ethnic cuisines at reasonable prices

What to do

what to do when customers come in to pick up the orders?

Step 1

Confirm order number with the customer

Step 2

Check if it matches the one you received

Step 3

Hand the Surprise Box to the customer

Surprise yourself and your loved ones, save money and do your part in the battle to reduce food waste and carbon dioxide emissions together with us!

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