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Contact Tracing to Mitigate Outbreaks

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Rapid Test

Rapid Testing Kits

COVID Testing Kits for Businesses

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Digital Contact Log for Public Health Compliance

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Keep Doors Open

Facedrive aims to help Businesses in Canada fight Covid-19 with all the resources needed to reopen & keep things running smoothly. With our new era of solutions, we can help you achieve a safe working environment for your team and also create a safe haven for your customers.

4 Pillars of Safe Re-Opening

Safety is a continuously growing concern amongst Canadians. We as businesses should ensure that safety is not compromised during covid19 & beyond. Consistent monitoring & efforts towards these 4 aspects will help you prioritize safety and stay a step ahead of the spread.

Get Your Business Ready

Take all safety & cleaning measures everyday

Keep Your Employees Safe

Provide employees with all the necessary equipment to make them feel secure

Ensure Customer Safety

Ensure customers feel safe when they enter your premises

Follow Government Protocols

Make sure you follow all government regulations & keep an eye out for any new changes.

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