Top 3 free solutions to help your business reopen & stay open.

In this pandemic-stricken era of seemingly continual uncertainty, it makes sense that businesses are constantly looking for ways to keep their doors open and, in some cases, reopen for the first time in well over a year.

And while vaccines are the driving force of quelling the damage caused by COVID-19, there are supplementary solutions available that every business should be looking to take advantage of to ensure the safest experience possible for employees and customers. 

Facedrive has come up with three such solutions, each with a particular focus but contributing to all-around COVID-19 protection:

  1. SafeCheck, which targets customer safety.

2. Health Wallet, which targets employee safety

3. Covid 19 Rapid antigen testing kits, which targets general workplace safety.

What follows here are more detailed explanations for each of those solutions, ones that you can access immediately in order to stay ahead of the novel coronavirus for the foreseeable future.


One of the most surefire ways to combat COVID-19 is to prevent an outbreak. SafeCheck is a free application that emphasizes and streamlines this practice (and also utilizes a self-assessment tool), reducing customer contact (or even employee contact) when they initially arrive by having them scan a QR code and check-in to the workplace. This also allows for exposure control, making sure businesses have the means to prevent outbreaks.

A continual and focused effort on maintaining a practical amount of social distancing is guaranteed to be one of the methods that will keep businesses (whether small or large) open for the long-term. According to a Commentary published in The Lancet by a professor from UNSW Sydney’s Kirby Institute, keeping one metre of physical distance reduces the risk of transmission by 82 per cent.

SafeCheck is the premier way for businesses to easily smooth out the process at a focal point of interaction in a manner that is clear, immediate and non-verbal.

Health Wallet

Health Wallet is a free customizable application (located in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store) that makes it easy to store and provide proof of vaccination at a moment’s notice, whether needed for the likes of a return to work or having employees check-in on a recurring basis. In one, easy-to-access location, users can add vaccine confirmation documents and COVID-19 test results, and both get them validated by a qualified approver as well as be able to display them via a QR code.

As many businesses look to implement or plan to implement mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for their employees (including 62 per cent of small- and medium-sized Canadian businesses, according to a poll done by KPMG), an application like Health Wallet becomes not only increasingly useful, but near-necessary.

Whether you’re a concert venue, a health clinic, an airport, a restaurant, or something else entirely, Health Wallet is the perfect answer for ensuring every single employee is following your business’ health and safety protocols and coming to work safely.

Rapid antigen testing kit

Free Rapid antigen testing kits provide the resources necessary when used alongside personal protective equipment to screen and therefore reduce the risk of outbreaks from potentially asymptomatic employees as they go back to work. This is a supremely useful tool, as it is believed that up to 50 per cent of COVID-19 transmission may be caused by individuals without obvious symptoms (per

With the aid of the Government of Canada (who have provided us with these kits for free), Facedrive is making these rapid testing kits available to all small-to-medium-sized companies through its website. Head there at any time to acquire one of the best devices for keeping your workplace ahead of COVID-19 and open for business.

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