How can businesses improve customer safety? & How can SafeCheck help?

With restaurants and businesses looking to reopen and welcome back customers and employees, health and safety is top of mind. In our new world, that means combatting COVID-19 and being prepared for any possible outbreak scenarios.

Enter SafeCheck, a solution that allows for a completely individual way to check into any workplace, making it a safer option than any alternative for customer safety.

Here’s more on how it can help keep businesses open, whether they be small, large, or somewhere in the middle.

Reduce customer contact

Customer safety prioritized

The most common way for COVID-19 to be transmitted is when a person who is infected comes within six feet of at least one other person. Infection can occur when aerosols or droplets containing the virus are inhaled or come directly into contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth.

As businesses continue to look for practical and simple ways to implement social distancing protocols, SafeCheck has become one of the most reliable solutions for customer safety.

The application instantly reduces the amount of contact customers experience when they initially arrive to a location and check-in. No longer will they even have to interact with someone at an entrance or reception desk—instead, their gateway into the business will be streamlined in a manner that is clear, immediate and non-verbal.

This is all thanks to the QR codes that businesses can receive via email after signing up on the SafeCheck website. Said codes can then be posted at the point of entry, allowing for customers to easily scan them and fluidly check-in to the business on their own.

COVID-19 outbreak response

Aside from reducing customer contact, businesses can actually keep track of every single person who enters the workplace via SafeCheck. As soon as a customer scans the QR code, data will be provided that simply allows businesses to know who that person is (such as name, email, etc.) and at what time precisely they checked in. They will also know how that person responded to the COVID-19-related questions the solution asks upon being scanned.

This way, should someone cause an outbreak, businesses will be able to quickly and directly trace it back to the source, allowing them to proceed with the next appropriate actions and ensuring utmost customer safety. (Guardian)

Many businesses are still at the stage of manually keeping track of customer entry by way of pen and paper—SafeCheck will make that a thing of the past, streamlining flow and shrinking the amount of resources dedicated to the task.


One of the great things about SafeCheck is that it is fully customizable for your specific location.  After customers scan the QR code to check-in, businesses can have their logo appear as they go on to complete the process.

This eliminates that detached sense of a third-party application—businesses can make SafeCheck theirs.

Connected to Facedrive Foods

Along with the ability to implement their logo, businesses (this is, of course, particularly pertinent for restaurants) will also find that SafeCheck is connected to Facedrive Foods, meaning that once customers scan the QR code, they can be brought to the Foods application, where they can make a pre-order if they wish.

It’s a simple way to allow customers a quicker path to getting the food they want from the restaurants they love.

What is SafeCheck?

A contactless, efficient and non-verbal self check-in method for restaurants and businesses that helps keep track of customers. In an effort to prioritize both business owner and customer safety in returning to our favourite places as they reopen, SafeCheck ensures a streamlined check-in process that adheres to social distancing protocols.

employees ensuring customer safety

Deployment process

1. Visit and sign up on the SafeCheck website

2. Print out QR codes

3. Put up QR codes at the entrance/reception area for customers/employees to scan

4. Request customer data